As the day’s vivid colors give way to the night’s neon dreamscapes, our imaginations come alive. During those wee hours, when all others are sound asleep, we seek adventure within EDC’s otherworldly domains. In this place, we reaffirm that we are kindred spirits bound by a deep passion for music, art and discovery. And there is so much to discover.

Each area contained within EDC represents a distinct union of technology and nature. In some places, fire rules supreme, and in others, the elements of air and water provide the inspiration. Follow a path that leads from a green garden into an expansive, majestic field. Find peace in a meadow filled with other beautiful Headliners, all grooving to the same universal beat. As you wander and explore this fantastical landscape, you’ll unlock the energy of the night and all of its wonders.




Feel the energy pulsating from the Crystal Village as we journey deep into the owl realm.


Traverse the paths between electronic and hip-hop with Audiotistic on Saturday, and then return to explore big-energy sounds on Sunday.


Soar to the melodic heights of trance with Dreamstate on Saturday. Then plunge to the deepest lows of Bassrush on Sunday.


Brightly colored blooms of the house and techno variety can be found growing in this magnificent garden. Here, our roots run deep.


What’s a carnival without rides? EDC’s landscape is an oversize adult playground dotted with all your favorite full-size thrills. And the best part? Rides are free for everyone to enjoy! Grab your festie bestie, and enjoy EDC from a whole new perspective.


Enter a world of fire-breathing metal creatures, three-dimensional wooden superstructures, colorful, glow-in-the-dark environments, and all manner of LED-infused flora and fauna. A vital part of the experience, the interactive art installations scattered throughout EDC are bridges we construct between nature and technology, there to inspire all who come in contact with them.


Insomniac’s own Funkdafied Freaks will enchant you all weekend long! Decked out in over-the-top costumes crafted specially for EDC, this motley crew of dancers, stilters, aerialists, circus performers and other whimsical characters will push the boundaries of your imagination.


Set in the middle of the festival grounds, Carnival Square is an ideal meet-up spot and a place to mingle with friends. Features include:

  • Central meeting place
  • Food & beverage
  • Food trucks
  • Bars
  • Art installations
  • Carnival rides
  • Festival merchandise
  • Specialty vendors
  • Seating
  • Guest services
  • Information